Sheet Cane or Rattan Webbing

Sheet cane is a machine-woven product which is used as seating on some antique and most modern chairs. This type of seating is usually fitted into a continuous narrow groove cut into the top surface of the seat frame and held in place with a cane beading and glue. It is available in the common open weave and in a close weave often originally used on antique American chairs. We offer two widths in the open weave, 18 inch (457mm), and 24 inch (610mm), and 18 inch (457mm) in the close weave. When ordering sheet cane for chair seats you need to provide the dimensions of the seat and an accurate measurement of the width of the groove (in metric to the nearest 0.5mm), so that we can supply the appropriate beading size. Sheet caning instructions and timber wedges used for fitting sheet cane are also available.