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Sheet Cane or Rattan Webbing

Sheet Cane or Rattan WebbingSheet cane is a machine-woven product which is used as seating on some antique and most modern chairs. This type of seating is usually fitted into a continuous narrow groove cut into the top surface of the seat frame and held in place with a cane beading and glue. It is available in the common open weave and in a close weave often originally used on antique American chairs. We offer two widths in the open weave, 18 inch (457mm), and 24 inch (610mm), and 18 inch (457mm) in the close weave. When ordering sheet cane for chair seats you need to provide the dimensions of the seat and an accurate measurement of the width of the groove (in metric to the nearest 0.5mm), so that we can supply the appropriate beading size. Sheet caning instructions and timber wedges used for fitting sheet cane are also available.   Prices


Chair Cane

     Chair cane is used when hand weaving chair seats or panels. To the untrained eye a hand caned seat looks much the same as a sheet caned one, but the process of fitting is very different. If sheet cane is fitted similarly to a fly screen on a window, a hand caned seat is like stringing a complicated tennis racquet. Chair cane comes as long strips of accurately sized fine cane. The frame into which a hand Chair Cane caned seat is to be stitched will have a series of evenly spaced holes drilled through it. Sometimes, as with Bentwood chairs, there will also be a groove on the underside of the seat.

Chair cane comes in several sizes: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm. The size of cane required for a particular job is determined by the spacing between the holes, which are drilled into the frame. Before ordering, it is important for you to accurately measure this hole spacing. Measure from centre of hole to centre of hole, and measure between several pairs of holes to get an average, as the spacing is not always as even as one would like. It is best to take measurements at the centre front or centre back of the panel, especially if the panel is not square or rectangular.

If the spacing is 12mm, then 2mm cane is required.
If the spacing is 15mm, then 2.5mm cane is required.
If the spacing is 18mm, then 3mm cane is required.

     If the spacing is any other size, please let us know and we will advise you as to the cane sizes required.  Prices

     We have written an easy to follow, inexpensive hand caning booklet for the beginner or those wishing to brush up on their skills.